mREIT Executives Shed Light on Recent Market Volatility

April 03, 2020 ·

In recent weeks, the mREIT sector has borne a disproportionate amount of liquidity-driven market turmoil triggered by the coronavirus crisis. With conditions showing signs of settling, for now, several Nareit mREIT members took a step back to give a first-hand account of what their companies have been dealing with.

REITs Should Prepare for Possibility of Increased Activist Investor Interest Following Crisis

April 03, 2020 ·

REITs need to take a proactive stance to ensure they are ready to deal with activist investors that could emerge in the wake of the current coronavirus market uncertainty, according to a REIT corporate governance expert.

John Haggerty, co-chair, public M&A/corporate governance at Goodwin, told an April 2 webinar that activist investors see increased buying opportunities in the current environment “and are sitting on a lot of cash that has long-duration lockup, so they’ve got it there to use.”

STORE Capital Sees Rebound in Middle Market Following Coronavirus Crisis

March 31, 2020 ·

STORE Capital Corp. (NYSE: STOR) President and CEO Chris Volk said the industries represented in the net lease REIT’s portfolio will remain relevant in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking on a March 31 investor call hosted by Raymond James, Volk added that “as the recovery ensues, the middle market will be rebounding strongly and there’ll be amazing opportunities for STORE to grow.”