EdR Helps Create the Heart of a College Town in Connecticut

April 13, 2018 · reit.com

Storrs Center, adjacent to the University of Connecticut, is a bustling town center featuring shops, residences, restaurants, a public square and even a puppet museum. Located on the site of what used to be a nondescript shopping center, it has created the heart of a college town where none existed before.

REITs Well-Prepared for Rising Interest Rates, Inflation

April 10, 2018 · reit.com

REITs have typically performed well in periods of rising interest rates and inflation—a fact investors appear to be overlooking in the current market environment, according to participants in a Bloomberg Intelligence webinar April 10.

John Worth, Nareit executive vice president for research and investor outreach, pointed out that REITs have posted positive total returns in 87 percent of previous periods of rising interest rates. In more than half of those times, REITs have outperformed the S&P 500 Index.

Green Street Says Real Estate Fundamentals Healthy but Appreciation Has Slowed

April 06, 2018 · reit.com

Commercial real estate fundamentals are generally healthy, but asset appreciation has clearly slowed, according to a Green Street Advisors webinar April 4.

Andy McCulloch, managing director of real estate analytics at Green Street, noted that “demand for commercial real estate looks okay to pretty good,” with supply deliveries now almost back to their long-term norms. With supply and demand roughly in balance, “on average we’ll see inflationary-type rent growth,” he said.